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Kevin Xavier Griffin is a musician and music producer born and raised in Long Island, NY. Music has always been a part of Kevin’s life; he started singing at the age of 5 and took his first piano lesson at age 7. After several years of singing and piano, Kevin began to distance himself from his musical talents, until he discovered the alto saxophone which reignited his love for all things music. Only, this time around, Kevin found himself drawn to the genre of Jazz music. Under the mentorship of his music teacher, Mr. John Lamarca, Kevin was immersed into all things Jazz music and was introduced to the various, diverse styles influenced by jazz musicians. Kevin began to play the jazz saxophone at the age of 12 and he also taught himself to play guitar, which he continues to do, ‘til today.

With a passion for music and wanting to someday take over his father’s production company, after high school, Kevin enrolled in Business School at the University at Albany and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Music.

In 1990, 861 Productions was founded by his father, Kevin Griffin Sr. - a production and publishing company based in Long Island, NY. Some of their earlier projects include the Operation Fall Back: Global Attack album, which featured multiple artists like Hurron, Paul Cain, Smurf of The Committee, J. Doe, Establishment and many others. The project was primarily promotional, and was hosted by Kareem Hertzog.

To date, Kevin and 861 productions are in the process of making a comeback. In 2016 they have had one release so far, an EP by artist Jason Griffin, titled XVII. Kevin is currently working with other national and international indie artists, recording and creating music.  As a producer, Kevin lists some of the greats as his musical influences – producers such as Kanye West, Pharrell, Q-tip, 9th Wonder, aarabMusik and J. Dilla, to name a few.

Kevin is equipped and ready to take his production career and 861 Productions to new heights. As a musician most of his life, and having obtained business acumen,  he hopes to use that to not only achieve production excellence, but to make 861 and its associated artists household names.

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For booking, Press inquiries, or just to reach out to me Please use the form below or mail me at producedbyxsavior@gmail.com

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